10 Republicans Voted Against Continuing the US’s Proxy War Against Ukraine

Congress, by and large, is fanatically committed to continuing the United States government’s proxy war against Russia. 

On April 28, 2022, members of the US House demonstrated yet again that they’re firmly attached to the Deep State cause of giving Russia its own Afghanistan by voting for a bill that would provide more military aid to Russia.

On a vote of 417 to 10, elected officials voted in favor of the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022. All of these votes against this bill were Republicans. 

The Republicans who voted against this bill were Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop, Ohio Congressman Warren Davidson, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman, Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry, and Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany. 

On April 6, this Lend-Lease bill was passed in the Senate with unanimous backing and is now heading to President Joe Biden’s desk for his approval. Biden is expected to sign this bill into law.

Upon receiving Biden’s signature, this bill will resurrect the Lend-Lease program, which was first implemented during the World War II era to help provide military aid to the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union to fight against Nazi Germany. This bill would allow the US to transfer military equipment to Ukraine, while requiring the Eastern European nation to pay for the equipment at a later date. 

Paul Gosar was one of the loudest opponents of this bill. He told The Hill:

Every vote to provide military assistance to Ukraine draws us closer to a war with Russia. This is not our fight. I reiterate my hope for immediate peace talks and resolution of hostilities. Sending more weapons of war is counter to peace and will extend the death and destruction.

The deployment of military aid isn’t some random action. It’s an escalatory step in a tense conflict involving a nuclear power. Trying to empower Ukraine, a country that has very little prospect of defeating Russia on the battlefield. However, if the US gets overzealous with its military aid packages, Russia could eventually start treating it and its NATO allies as co-belligerents.

Russia could respond to the West’s constant provisioning of military aid with attacks on NATO supplies heading into Ukraine. Russia could even take tougher retaliatory action against NATO members, thereby putting the US and Russia on the path to a Great Power war between nuclear heavyweights. It cannot be stressed enough: There are no winners in a nuclear war.

US policymakers need to get sober about this reality and start de-escalating the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and moving towards a negotiated settlement.