A County in Maryland Halts its Second Amendment Preservation Resolution Efforts

On June 16, 2020, Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms reported on county council members in Wicomico County deciding to discontinue a Second Amendment resolution.

Their decision to halt the movement of this resolution came about after the local sheriff urged the council to take the resolution off the council’s agenda.

This resolution would have established the county as a Second Amendment Preservation jurisdiction.

On the night of June 15, Sheriff Mike Lewis petitioned the council to reverse course, right before the council was expected to convene on Tuesday morning. This came a few weeks following Lewis’s original request for the council to approve the resolution.

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Lewis claimed that he felt the county’s pain in light of recent demonstrations. He alluded to the Unity Rally he watched in Salisbury, which influenced his decision-making.

Leftists in Wicomico County began to express their opposition to the resolution.

“Legally meaningless, but they undermine the Rule of Law, foster distrust between law enforcement and communities,” according to a tweet from Wicomico County’s branch of NAACP, “confuse people into thinking they don’t need to follow gun laws, and may deter others from reporting individuals who may hurt themselves or others.”

Edwards noted that a coalition of groups gathered in opposition to this resolution:

A group of local organizations — including Mary Ashanti, president of Wicomico County NAACP Branch 7028-B, Amber Green, co-chair of Salisbury’s Lynching Memorial Task Force, Jared Schablein, chair of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus, and many others — came together to call itself ‘Wicomico for Common Sense Gun Safety Coalition.’

In times of crisis, the Second Amendment is most crucial. Letting “sensitive” moments like the one America is currently in hamper our better judgment when it comes to passing solid legislation is the height of pusillanimity.

This is one of many reasons why the Left wins and the Right gets routinely trounced.

Not taking advantage of a crisis to advance pro-gun legislation, shows how incapacitated many on the Right are.

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