After Eliminating Thousands of Federal Jobs, The Trump Administration is Now Hiring More and More

According to CNS News, the number of employees working for the federal government is starting to grow again under the Trump administration.

From April to May, the number of federal government employees rose from 2,811,000 to 2,815,000. This represents a 4,000 increase in personnel which is the highest level of federal workers working for Uncle Sam since President Barack Obama left the presidency.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on December 2016, Obama’s last month in office, the federal government had 2,817,000 people working for it. By January 2017, those numbers dropped to 2,810,000.

So far in the Trump presidency, federal employment hit a bottom of 2,792,000 in February and March of 2018. But now those numbers increased by 23,000 to the current figure of 2,815,000.

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This still pales in comparison to the record number of government employers under President George H.W. Bush’s watch in 1990, where the federal government had a workforce of 3,435,000.

Although employment in the federal government increased by 4,000 in May, government employment at all levels in the America was falling by 15,000. From April to May, employment numbers plummeted from 22,529,000 to 22,514,000

Employment at the state level saw a 10,000-worker decline—going from 5,178,000 in April to 5,168,000 in May. In the same vein, local government saw employment numbers decline by 9,000—falling from 14,540,000 in April to 14,531,000 in May.

Government employment at all levels peaked at 22,996,00 in May 2010, based on historical data from the BLS. From that point forward, federal employment has fallen down by 482,000— to a total of 22,514,000 government workers throughout all levels of government in America.

The American government is massive, and its many bureaucracies have agendas of their own. Trump will have his hands full in trying to control this automated growth. For that reason, liberty conservatives should be focusing on building up a Congress that will help President Trump defund government agencies and ultimately reduce the overall size of government.

For the past century, America has deviated from its limited government principles, and it’s high time that we put the government on a strict diet.

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