America First Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor Gets Attacked by The Corporate Press for His Pro-Immigration Restriction Views

CNN has recently attacked retired Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Macgregor for asserting that the Biden administration is using mass migration to politically transform the country.

Macgregor is currently serving on West Point’s Board of Visitors, of which he was appointed to in the final months of the Trump administration.

According to Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck of CNN’s KFile, Macgregor argued that Biden’s policies are part of a “grand plan” to create a demographic shift within the US .

Kaczynski and Steck cited Macgregor’s appearance on a New York local radio show back in April as the source of his immigration comments. In the show, Macgregor said that the Biden wants to flood America with “as many non-Europeans as possible” to replace white Americans.

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“The idea is that they have to bring in as many non-Europeans as possible in order to outnumber the numbers of Americans of European ancestry who live in the United States,” Macgregor declared. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Macgregor added that the U.S. government was encouraging the “worst elements” to “enjoy the fruits of citizenship” without making any real sacrifice.

“And I think some of you must have seen the thousands of pregnant women coming up from Latin America so they can have their children here. And then the child immediately is declared an American citizen,” he added. “And again, all of this is part of the grand plan. This is what Mr. Biden and his supporters want. They want another country. They don’t want the United States.”

Andrew Bates, a White House spokesperson, criticized Macgregor’s statement, declaring that the “hateful and grotesque sentiments are antithetical to the values and character of our nation and armed forces – whose standards, excellence, and professionalism are without comparison.”

Before his appointment to the board, Macgregor was brought into the Trump administration as an aide that would have helped former President Donald Trump in trying to pull troops out of Afghanistan.

It’s an unwritten rule of right wing politics that when an individual is attacked by the corporate press, it’s because they’re usually on to something. Macgregor’s statements on immigration are substantiated by a wide array of facts that demonstrate how immigrant groups of virtually all ethnicity and nationalities — with the exception of Cubans — vote solidly Democratic. Macgregor, unlike many people in the mainstream Right, understands voting trends and has spoken the truth about them on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show, where he has advocated for America First policies such as foreign policy restraint and immigration restriction.

Macgregor will be a major figure within the America First movement, which will require liberty conservatives to defend him from media slander at all costs.

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