Americans are Taking Increased Numbers of Concealed Carry Classes

According to a report from the FBI, record numbers of Americans are going through firearms background checks. KRCR News also noted that “the demand for Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) classes are up as well.”

According to firearms instructors in Northern California, firearms classes are full and they are working to expand the classes.

A newly released FBI report revealed that the number of background checks during the Wuhan virus shutdowns hit more than 3.7 million in March, the highest gun sales in one month since 1998.

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In addition, March 20 witnessed a single-day record for background checks conducted with over 210,000. This occurred the day following California Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to close all non-essential businesses.

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This uptick in gun sales has continued into May.

KRCR News broke down some of these trends taking place last month:

New statistics for the month of May show the trend is continuing. FBI numbers on background checks show a slight dip in April but another spike in May. Owner of Northern Firearms Instruction Ted Lidie says more people came to him interested in personal protection following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which has sparked nationwide protests, looting and vandalism.

CCW students who were training with Northern Firearms Instruction at the Redding Gun Club declared that people are not safe right now.

The Wuhan virus pandemic has witnessed a lot people become first-time gun buyers.  KRCR highlighted the case of Kimmy Pullen and Dwight Husted taking concealed carry taking classes as a couple. “We could kind of see the direction things are going and it’s getting dangerous. We felt like we want to be able to protect our family better,” Husted stated.

CCW Instructor Ted Ogilvie declared that it’s his job to turn first-time gun buyers into responsible gun owners and provide them with the necessary tools to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

It’s good to see more Americans arm themselves in times of uncertainty. Governments have proven to be incompetent when it comes to maintaining public order and Americans will have to rely on themselves and communities.

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