Americans Increasingly Support Regional Secession

According to a poll by Bright Line Watch, increasing numbers of Americans are in favor of breaking up the United States.

In this survey, Americans were asked the following:

Some people say the divisions within our country have grown so deep that we would be better off dividing into more like-minded regions that would govern themselves separately. Do you support or oppose the idea of the United States dividing into more than one nation?

What Bright Line Watch found was that 29% of Americans support secession. When the microscope was focused even further, support for a national breakup was strongest among independent voters, standing at around 37%.

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Among Republicans, 35% supported a national breakup. On the other hand, 21% of Democrats were in favor of seceding and creating their own polity in the North American country. 

Such findings come against the backdrop of a highly-contested 2020 election that many Americans viewed as fraudulent. Taking an even broader perspective, the past century of American history has featured a gradual push by the federal administrative state to wipe out Heritage American culture through the enforcement of PC codes, mass migration, culturally radical indoctrination at all levels of schooling, and the destruction of small to medium-sized business through regulations.

So it’s no surprise why many Americans feel alienated with their current government.

While secession is not politically viable at the moment, there are a growing number of nullification movements taking place across America as evidenced by the rising Second Amendment sanctuary movements. These reflect Middle American concerns with the federal government’s inability to uphold their sacred right to self-defense.

The spirit of rebelling against tyrannical government actions is American as apple pie and will always be around even when the managerial state makes great leap forwards. NullificatIon efforts will not be going away anytime soon.