Anarcho-Tyranny? Pro-Criminal Democrats Want to Make it Harder to Prosecute Property Theft in Virginia

Virginia Democrats are proposing a new law that would make it more difficult for police officers to prosecute property theft suspects in the state.

The Blaze reports that Democrat Alfonzo Lopez, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates and a former Obama administration official, is sponsoring House Bill 263.

Under this bill, the property value threshold for grand larceny charges would be raised from $500 to $2,000.

Lopez’s bill is one of three pieces of legislation that intends to raise the threshold for property theft violations. Lower-valued property would not receive the same kind of punishment as a result.

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This is part of a larger trend of policies taking place across the nation where politicians under the guise of “criminal justice reform” are empowering criminals by letting them off the hook and giving them more lenient sentences.

Local Republican leaders worry that Lopez’s bill would spark more crime. One conservative activist believes that this bill is part of an electoral plot by the left to increase the overall pool of eligible Democratic voters in Virginia.

If this law were to pass, there would be fewer convicted criminals under the felon category. Felons are ineligible to vote in Virginia.

Dave Briggman, a conservative activist in central Virginia, believes this proposal is a “radical” effort to restructure the criminal justice system.

“In a state where driving 10 over the 70 mph highway speed limit can get you a 12-month jail sentence and a $2,500 fine, Virginia Democrats continue their radical efforts to ‘reform’ our criminal statutes,” he said during an interview with The Blaze.

Briggman added that Lopez’s proposal would encourage property theft and could strengthen Democrats’ political control in the state’s capitol, Richmond.

“The Democrats’ goal here is to allow for the commission of serious crimes, without labeling offenders as ‘felons’ so they can continue voting for extreme leftists in elections and turn Virginia into California,” Briggman asserted. “Keep in mind that is happening while the same Democrat extremists are trying to make felons out of most law-abiding gun owners in laws that seek to to ban and confiscate most semi-automatic weapons in production today.”

Big League Politics reported on a similar measure that was adopted by the Dallas County District Attorney last year, so this does point to a growing trend of criminal leniency being promoted across the nation.

One of the most basic functions of government is to protect private property. If it can’t even do that, all sorts of chaos will ensue.

As the late conservative commentator Sam Francis described, these kinds of policies would create a situation of anarcho-tyranny, where governments refuse to control real criminals, while controlling the innocent.


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