Andy Biggs Calls Biden’s Border Policies “Reckless”

The Biden administration’s border policy has been horrendous to say the least. With Biden firmly installed in office, he has been negligent on border policy as evidenced by its lack of attention directed towards the surging number of border crossers and its lackadaisical interior enforcement policies that allow for criminal illegal aliens to run across the American interior with virtual impunity. 

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs has caught on to the Biden administration’s disastrous border security policies and has constantly sounded the alarms on it. 

In an appearance that he made on Fox News on April 11, 2022. Biggs pointed out that “Even Democrats are admitting Joe Biden’s border crisis has spiraled out of control.”


Biggs said that Biden’s sup-optimal approach to border security will lead to “more opioids” such as “fentanyl coming across” the border. On top of that, “criminally violent” individuals will be “released released into the country” as a result of Biden’s policies. 

Biggs stressed that the Biden administration doesn’t have an immigration plan. The Arizona congressman added that as long as this this administration says we’re open to everybody who’s coming in” more people will look to cross the southern border.”

In Biggs’ view, these policies will “erode the sovereignty” of the United States. Due to how radical Biden’s approach to the border is, several moderate Democrats and Democrats in competitive states such as West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin have grown nervous with the Biden administration. Even Arizona Senator Mark Kelly and Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock have grown jittery with the current administration’s open borders agenda. 

Biggs recognized one uncomfortable fact about these Democrats’ worries: The current open borders regime is bad for them electorally. 

Many voters in swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada don’t like the idea of the border getting overrun, nor are they keen on a huge deluge of cheap labor to economically displace them when the Wuhan virus lockdown ruined many of their job prospects. 

Mass migration is not some random occurrence. Nor is Democrats’ commitment to open borders a matter of incompetence, but rather part of their broader electoral strategy to imports millions of new voters. Effectively, elect a new people.

Liberty conservatives must recognize this over-arching goal and propose a constructive solution for the immigration question. Namely, an immigration moratorium.

If we want to preserve the Historic American Nation, we must have control of our border and our broader immigration system.