Andy Biggs Calls Out Biden Administration’s Budget Plan for Having Pro-Baby Killing Provisions

Politicians know that their most controversial projects usually can’t receive a vote in a conventional, legislative manner. Especially, when these legislative items are introduced on their own. 

In light of this, politicians get crafty by introducing legislation that features poison pill provisions or even legislation that includes controversial provisions that lawmakers overlook. With regards to the latter case, the inclusion of such provisions is done surreptitiously with the assumption that other lawmakers will ignore said provisions and end up unwittingly passing a bill that would generally go against the wishes of their constituents.

The Biden administration hopes to do that with its Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 budgetary proposal, which apparently includes pro-abortion and anti-family provisions according to a Fox News report.

Arizona Congressman Biggs was one of 126 Republicans who has stood in opposition to this budget proposal. 

He tweeted on April 13, 2022, “Biden’s budget proposal disregards the sanctity of life and promotes abortion on demand at taxpayer expense. I will continue to fight for life and oppose any budget proposal that undermines pro-life protections.”


South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman was the main leader of these Republican elected officials who signed on to a letter. In the letter, these concerned Republicans stated, “Every human life is precious, sacred, and deserving of protection. Unfortunately, your proposal expands abortion on demand, paid for by taxpayers.”

In March, the Biden regime put forward a $5.8 trillion budget for FY 2023, which would start in October. 

“We are concerned that for the second year in a row, you have released a budget proposal that includes numerous anti-life and anti-family provisions which stand in stark contrast to our values and the values of an overwhelming majority of Americans,” the letter noted.

On top of that, the FY 2023 budget features a proposal that would  increase the $400 million in funding for the Title X Family Planning Program by 40%. Republican elected officials believe this proposal would function as a “slush fund” for the abortion industry. 

Furthermore, the concerned Republican representatives alluded to the budget’s proposed 72% increase in funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). This organization allegedly has connections to China and North Korea, states which support population control, compulsory abortions and sterilization programs. 

“Life and family values should not be a partisan issue,” Norman said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

He added, “Any administration that seeks to facilitate abortions and enables some of the world’s most brutal regimes to openly violate human rights deserves to be questioned.”

“This budget proposal is anything but moderate. Your administration continues to double down on a deeply unpopular agenda that disregards the sanctity of life. We stand strong in our opposition to your current proposal, and we will reject any budget that omits or undermines vital pro-life protections,” the lawmakers declared. These representatives are right to call out these provisions. In addition, they should be praised for taking the time to look at the details of this bill. Most representatives don’t read the bills put in front of them.

This budget proposal represents some of the worst excesses in DC. Namely, massive spending and the promotion of social degeneracy. It cannot be overstated, a country’s economic condition has major social implications.

When people are incentivized to make short-term economic conditions, with little regards for future generations’ interests, these people will become socially degenerate themselves. Social and economic health are inextricably linked. 

Liberty conservatives must stress this point when advocating for economic freedom. We’re talking about more than just boosting GDP. A sound economy ultimately needs a sound culture undergirding it.