Andy Biggs Sees the Biden’s Decision to Lift Title 42 as a Green Light for Increased Illegal Immigration

America has an immigration crisis that most in the corporate press are largely ignoring.

However, thanks to the Biden regime’s decision to lift Title 42 restrictions, a deluge in migration is on the way. Title 42 allowed immigration officials to deport border crossers for public health reasons. The Trump administration used Title 42 during the Wuhan virus pandemic. 

Now, the Biden regime wants to crap this commonsense immigration policy. 

Arizona Congressman Arizona Biggs has been sounding the alarms on this development, which could lead to an enormous immigrant inflow at the southern border, 

Biggs tweeted, “A new migrant caravan is headed to the U.S.-Mexico border. It is expected to reach the U.S. around the time that Title 42 ends. These large formations will become the new norm. And Biden still won’t do anything about them.”

The Biden regime and the Democratic Party it represents have strong long-term electoral incentives to maintain the chaos at the border. Beyond the southern border lies the Democratic Party’s future voter base.

That’s why Democrats do very little to halt immigration. Republicans have to pick up on this and offer the commonsense, realpolitik solution of stopping mass migration through an immigration moratorium. In the meantime, liberty conservatives must campaign on the border and other immigration restriction policies such as increased border funding, ending chain migration, ending birthright citizenship, and punishing sanctuary cities. 

In sum, immigration restriction will preserve national sovereignty while also derailing Democrat’s schemes to attain electoral hegemony.