Another Texas County Becomes a Second Amendment Sanctuary

Hood County, Texas joins the growing list of counties across the nation that are revolting against gun control at both the state and federal levels.

On October 8, 2019, Hood County commissioners voted to turn the county into a gun rights sanctuary. In other words, county officials will not enforce unconstitutional gun control laws passed at the state and federal levels.

Fox 4 broke down this development:

The Hood County commissioners voted to protect gun rights and is now a so-called ‘Second Amendment sanctuary county.’

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The commissioners passed a resolution that says the sheriff will not enforce any restriction on the Second Amendment. They say Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has a lot to do with their decision.

Hood County commissioners showed strong support for the right to bear arms on Tuesday and declared it a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds says he proposed the idea to county commissioners last month after O’Rourke said during a debate he would confiscate assault-style rifles if elected. The former Texas congressman’s campaign refocused on gun laws after the deadly mass shooting at a Walmart in his home town of El Paso.

“That generated more people coming to me and were really truly concerned that ‘is that gonna happen in Hood County?’” the sheriff said.

Sheriff Deeds said he was inspired by other counties in Texas such as Presidio which passed a similar sanctuary county resolution back in July. With how rabidly anti-gun the current Democratic Party has become and the Republican Party’s lackadaisical efforts in trying to defend gun rights, rural Americans are taking matters into their own hands. Sanctuary counties represent one way rural America can re-assert its political will when D.C. and state legislatures frequently ignore it.

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