Anthony Sabatini Advocates for Relaxation of Gun Control Laws after Uvalde Shooting

It’s become increasingly apparent that DC doesn’t have much to offer in terms of elated officials who will stir the pot. After the Uvalde, Texas massacre, you hardly saw any member of Congress calling for real solutions to address the issue of mass shootings. Namely, the establishment of gun-free zones. 

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie has been the sole exception to this trend as evidenced by his introduction of HR 7415 aka the Safe Act, which would repeal the 1990 Gun-Free Schools Zones Act.

However, Massie is largely stuck on an island. 

Due to the inertia present in DC, there’s not much to expect with regards to changing public policy. By contrast at the state level there’s more promising trends to exploit.

Plus, there are more outspoken elected officials who are more than willing to slaughter sacred cows in politics. 

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini has shown liberty conservatives how to be an unapologetic champion for liberty. 

After the Uvalde massacre, Sabatini tweeted, “Florida MUST pass Constitutional Carry NOW. #1 fastest way to secure our public spaces & institutions.

Also re-open the mental asylums that liberals closed in the 1970s & get these psychos out of society ASAP. 

Make the Edu-crats secure our schools for once!”

Incidents like Uvalde demonstrate the need to not only defend the Second Amendment but repeal laws that inhibit free individual’s ability to defend themselves and their loved ones from deranged killers. Constitutional Carry would allow for law-abiding Floridians to carry a firearm without having to beg the government for permission. A repeal of the 1990 Gun-Free School Zones Act would allow for school boards and localities to set up their own security policies.

Indeed, Sabatini is correct about mental institutions. States should begin taking up the task of restoring mental institutions and making sure that people with mental problems who have a proclivity for violence should be institutionalized. The problem here goes beyond gun control but rather deals with a form of social decay.

Nevertheless, liberty conservatives are political realists who recognize that repealing gun-free zones and allowing for more lawful individuals can help reduce the devastating nature of mass shootings. All told, more government encroachments on our liberties are not the answer to this sensitive issue.