Anthony Sabatini Calls for the Republican Party to Get Rid of Bush Era Influence

One of the biggest challenges the populist Right will be facing in the 2020s and beyond will be the purging of the residual neoconservative elements lurking within the Republican party. Former President Donald Trump learned about this the hard way as his administration was largely undermined by some of his misguided staffing hires. 

Members of the populist Right have begun to pick up on the necessity of imposing rigid standards for who is allowed into the movement, and more importantly, who can actually hold positions of power.  

The loud and principled Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini understands this intrapartisan dynamic very well. 

In a Twitter post he made on May 6, 2022, Sabatini declared, “Do not trust ANYONE who worked in a Bush Administration.”

While Bush 1 had some reasonable foreign policy inclinations and slowly brought back realism into US statecraft, his administration still raised taxes at home and signed off on a bill that established gun-free zones aka criminal safe spaces. 

The Bush 2 administration was even worse with its never-ending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and massive expansion of government at home.

Although the Trump administration did not start any new wars, it could not fully extricate itself from globalist institutions such as NATO and reduce the US’s military footprint abroad.

The fact is that many members of the Republican Party have been thoroughly poisoned by the toxic ideology. In light of this, the Republican Party needs a thorough cleanse. One of the ways to do that is by making sure that no one from the Bush administration ever occupies positions of prominence in a national populist administration.