Anti-Gun Advocates Want Universal Gun Registration on the Ohio State Ballot

Gun control advocates are one step closer to passing universal gun registration in Ohio.

WKSU reports that a petition to put universal gun registration on the state ballot just gained approval from a state panel. Now, gun control activists can collect signatures.

Nevertheless, the road to getting officially on the ballot will not be easy. The gun control group Ohioans for Gun Safety is leading the charge to collect signatures for this proposal to regulate the transfer and purchase of all firearms.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose heads up the Ohio Ballot Board, which gave its seal of approval on this petition. However, WKSU notes that this “means once the signatures are collected the language will be sent to Ohio lawmakers.”

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LaRose then said, “The legislature can then take that opportunity, if they wish to. Otherwise, then the petitioners can continue gathering signatures to put it on the ballot for Ohioans to decide.”

Ohioans for Gun Safety declared that it will put the issue on the ballot as early 2020, in the case that lawmakers don’t enact enough gun control measures.

Ohio went solidly for Trump in the 2016 elections, but the passage of gun control in the state could reverse many of the gains Ohio has made since Trump got elected.

Thankfully, some Republicans such as State Representative Ron Hood are not content with playing defense. Instead, he filed a Constitutional Carry bill that would put the Buckeye State solidly on the path towards restoring gun rights.

Hopefully, Ohio rejects this gun control proposal and instead adopts Hood’s pro-gun legislation.