Anti-Second Amendment Solicitor General Nominee Elizabeth Prelogar is Confirmed

On October 28, 2021, the Senate approved to confirm Elizabeth Prelogar as the next Solicitor General of the United States by a 53-36 vote.

The National Association for Gun Rights stood out as the only pro-Second Amendment group opposing the nomination of Elizabeth Prelogar to the position of Solicitor General. In a press release published by NAGR, it noted that “Prelogar represented radical gun control group ‘Everytown’ and clerked for anti-gun Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.”

“Unfortunately, six Republican Senators decided to vote for Prelogar during cloture and the final vote. It’s quite sad that they couldn’t stand up for gun rights on such a crucial votes – especially since the Supreme Court will be hearing a major gun rights case next month,” declared Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

The press released listed the Republicans who decided to vote for Prelogar’s confirmation:

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“Republican Senators Susan Collins (ME), Mike Crapo (ID), Lindsey Graham (SC), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Jim Risch (ID), and Thom Tillis (NC) crossed the isle voting to confirm Prelogar.”

For those unaware, the Solicitor General argues in favor of the government’s position on cases that go before the Supreme Court. In a saner political environment, the Solicitor General would defend the Constitution, which includes the right to bear arms that the American constitution has enshrined.

“Pro-gun Americans should be gravely disappointed that these Republicans turned their back on the Second Amendment and voted for a person who will surely argue against our right to keep and bear arms when she stands before the Court. These supposed pro-gun Senators must not truly understand the full weight of their office, or else they’d know just how foolish their votes really were.” declared Brown in a concluding remark.

NAGR has urged its members and supporters to contact the Republican turncoats who voted to confirm Prelogar and “respectfully voice their displeasure with their votes.” 

This latest Senate confirmation shows yet again why the Republican Party cannot be blindly trusted to defend liberties like the Second Amendment. Conservatives will have to continue holding their elected officials’ feet to the fire.