Are Hispanics Warming to the Second Amendment?

According to a recent Axios/Ipsos poll, Hispanic swing voters are increasingly concerned about crime, criminal violence, and personal safety.

Over the past year, Hispanics Increasingly bought firearms in the last year — a generalized trend among all demographic groups in the U.S.

Larry Keane, the Senior Vice President for Government and Public Affairs at the National Shooting Sports Foundation observed that “Suburban swing voters and other minority groups demonstrated similar patterns as they saw policy failures affecting their safety, fully embraced lawful gun ownership, and exercised their Second Amendment right.”

The Axios/Ipsos survey polled Hispanics about their chief concerns. They ranked crime and violence in second place at around 30%. This stood behind the primary concern of COVID at 37%. According to Axios, “The finding is a warning for President Biden ahead of next year’s midterms.” Additionally,  a recent Wall Street Journal poll illustrated how Hispanic voters are drifting more towards Republicans.

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Per NSSF retailer survey data, lawful Hispanics bought firearms in 2020 at a 49% higher rate than they did in 2019. Curiously, former President Donald Trump did experience a notable improvement among Hispanic voters in 2020, which BLP previously covered. A strong law-and-order message along with Trump’s tough immigration stances made him a solid candidate for Hispanics at that time.

This surging trend in Hispanic support for the Second Amendment was noticeable in Texas and California.

The same NSSF survey data that demonstrated a 49% increase in Hispanic-American gun owners between 2019 and 2020 also showcased how 40% of all gun purchases went to first-time buyers.

CBS News covered the case of P.J. Gomez, a University of California Berkeley law student –who established the Latino Rifle Association. The group has already added several hundred members. “I don’t believe self-defense… should be exclusive to people on the right politically,” Gomez declared. “The police and the government aren’t taking care of me, so I have to do things on my own.”

Hispanics are perhaps more diverse when it comes to their political opinions. On top of that, many Hispanics have grown more acclimated to American gun culture and are embracing the Second Amendment.

All of this has occurred without the GOP having to “Hispander”. Due to the black swan event of a massive crime wave sweeping across the nation, populists have a unique opportunity to reach out to groups who have generally not been receptive to right-wing messaging.

The current disorder America is facing should be milked to its fullest and used as a springboard for rational outreach efforts to Hispanics.