Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs Endorses Anthony Sabatini for Congress 

As the expression goes, “real recognizes real.”

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, one of the leading right-wing populists in Congress, has a good eye for populist talent that’s running for higher office.

Hence his decision to endorse Anthony Sabatini’s congressional run for Florida’s 7th congressional district on April 26, 2022.

Sabatini tweeted about this endorsement:

BREAKING: Congressman @RepAndyBiggsAZ has officially ENDORSED my campaign for U.S. Congress, FL-7!

Rep. Biggs is one of the STRONGEST America-First fighters in Congress & served as Chairman of the @freedomcaucus

Support my #AmericaFirst campaign here

In a statement that he released on April 26, Biggs said the following:

I gladly endorse Anthony Sabatini for Congress in Florida’s 7th District. Sabatini is a proven conservative in Florida — we can count on him to fight for freedom and the America-First agenda in Congress. He has my full support because I know he will help me drain the Swamp in DC.

Sabatini has made a name for himself for pushing America First policies such as foreign policy restraint, Constitutional Carry, and patriotic immigration reform in the Florida State Legislature.  

Biggs himself is one of the leading America First populists in the US congress who supports gun rights, stands for a strong border, and is against constant foreign policy saber-rattling

Biggs’ endorsement of Sabatini shows that the Florida representatives body of legislative work is receiving national legislation.

Let’s hope more principled America First conservatives endorse Sabatini as we quickly approach the 2022 midterms.