Arizona Sheriff Laments the Increase in Illegal Border Crossings in Joe Biden’s America

Joe Biden’s America is turning out to be what every liberty conservative feared.

The Biden administration’s decision to discontinue a number of Trump era policies and the expectation of laxer migratory policies, is emboldening illegal aliens to start rushing the border

Arizona is one border state that has witnessed an uptick in illegal border crossings. According to Sheriff Mark Dannels, law enforcement in Cochise County, Arizona has had to deal with increased cases of high-speed chases of suspected human smugglers and other crimes connected to illegal immigration.

The camera footage showcased 1,200 instances of illegal border entries in August 2020. This number swelled two-fold by 2,500 in December. Prior to August, 500 would be considered a busy month.

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The Biden administration has already made it clear that it’s implementing a “neoliberal reset” by scrapping a number of sensible Trump-era border security measures. These include the temporary moratorium on the deportation of illegal aliens, the Trump administration’s travel ban from countries with high levels of terrorist activity, and Trump’s gradual efforts to build a wall. Instead, the Biden administration has plans of moving a vast amnesty package that covers 11 to 22 million illegal aliens.

Additionally, Charlotte Cuthbertson of the Epoch Times reported that Biden promises to take in 25,000 asylum seekers who are waiting in Mexico for their immigration case to be settled under the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program.

Dannels is willing to admit that Trump’s border security policies have largely worked. He stated that the “best border efforts we’ve ever had in the last three decades in Cochise County was over the last couple of years.”

“We had a president that was very tough on the border, nobody would question that. And now we’ve got a president who’s going to do just the opposite,” he added.

In Dannels View, the Biden administration’s approach signals to drug smugglers and cartels that the border is “open for business.” The Cochise County Sheriff declared, “We need to have a secure border. The cartels are the only ones smiling right now, because they will benefit from this confusion.”

Sadly, Dannels will likely become further disappointed with the Biden administration’s actions. The present-day Demcrocrat Party takes open borders as a given and Biden will have to make gradual gestures to them to maintain their support.

The Republican Party cannot afford to have Democrats continue this arrangement. America First can shine in this instance by pointing out the political implications of such measures and offering real reforms like an immigration moratorium.

The time to change the migration debate is now.

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