Biden claims economy is best it’s been in 40 years

‘Our economy has created a record 5.6 million jobs since I became president

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US economy added 5,583,000 jobs between September and October. (Latest date that had been verified)

Since records began in 1939, this is the highest number of jobs created in the first 10 months of any presidential term.

However, this increase in jobs comes from a low base, given that unemployment was at its highest level since the Great Depression of the 1930s in April of last year.

In a matter of two months, the Coronavirus resulted in the loss of 22 million jobs.

Percentages carry a lot less weight when the starting point is substantially reduced.

Biden said despite economic improvements, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult for Americans to be happy.

I think the biggest impact of the psychology of the country has been COVID,” said Biden, adding that the virus has killed over one million Americans.

And so, I think it’s hard for people to get their arms around the fact that we have the fastest growing economy in 40 years. Wages are actually up, not down. Unemployment’s the lowest it’s been under, you know, it’s just incredibly low, and it’s around in the three-point range.

When Americans “wake up in the morning wondering whether or not” their loved one might die from COVID-19, it is difficult to comprehend such things, according to Biden.

There’s a phenomenal negative psychological impact that COVID has had on the public psyche. And so you have an awful lot of people who are, notwithstanding the fact that things have gotten so much better for them economically, that they are thinking, but, how do you get up in the morning feeling happy? Happy that everything’s alright.

In addition, Biden said that some Americans are unable to see the progress made under his administration because of the psychological toll of COVID-19.

As he said in the interview, Biden hopes to be remembered as someone who helped the middle class and repaired international alliances, along with someone who restored some decency and honor to the presidency.

I hope my legacy is that I was able to restore some decency and honor to the office; I was able to bring the middle class back to a place where they had real opportunity, given an even chance to succeed; and I was able to reconstruct our alliances, which had been frayed so badly, internationally, and that I was able to bring people together, bring the politics of America together,” said Biden.

We can only hope.


“Be Happy” by ohskylab is licensed under CC BY 2.0