Biden Regime Considers Sending Weapons Meant for Phony Afghan Govt to Ukraine

The Biden regime is considering sending weapons that were meant for the former Afghanistan government, which folded and surrendered overnight after the blood money checks stopped coming in from Washington D.C., over to the Ukraine as a power play against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. and Ukrainian officials speaking under the condition of anonymity have confirmed that negotiations are underway. Ukraine would receive military equipment, including Russian-made Mi-17 helicopters, through the proposed deal.

As of right now, the National Security Council has yet to approve the plan. Russia recently sent the U.S. security proposals in an attempt to de-escalate tensions, which may affect the proposed weapons deal. Ukraine is also reportedly lobbying to receive stinger missiles and other surface-to-air weapons from the U.S. federal government. They are also getting subsidized to the tune of $300 million in the bipartisan 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.

Liberty Conservative News has reported on how U.S. interventionism is causing Russia’s diplomatic ties with China to strengthen in another unexpected instance of blowback:

One of the geopolitical developments that has fascinated me is the growing rapprochement between China and Russia. For an avid follower of geopolitics like myself, this is an intriguing political maneuver. But for the deluded neocon class, this is a complete nightmare. As the year comes to a close, we should reflect on this new development in geopolitics.  

The “Dragonbear”, a term coined by geopolitical expert Velina Tchakarova that refers to the enhanced coordination between China and Russia in critical areas such as ”diplomacy defence, space, economy, energy, trade, finance, international and regional organizations, etc.” is now one of the realities of our present-day order. 

Such a novel strategic arrangement is a total nightmare for the neoconservative hacks who think the U.S. will forever occupy a unipolar position. Former U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton is one of those individuals who is struggling to cope with this new reality. 

He went on Russia Today’s Going Underground in mid-October to explain why Russia has made a mistake by aligning itself with Beijing instead of gravitating towards the West.  

“I think Russia’s greatest security lies in moving West, not moving East,” Bolton declared in this interview. He stressed that it’s not in Russia’s long-term interest to align itself closely with China, declaring, “By splitting away from the potential for closer relations with the West that we had after the collapse of the Soviet Union, I think we’ve lost a lot of time and opportunity.”

Bolton generally brushed aside RT host Afshin Rattansi’s suggestion that American and NATO policies have incentivized Russia to align itself with China…

The American ruling class has no one to blame but itself for the deterioration in relations with Russia and the subsequent rapprochement between it and China. A more realistic foreign policy would be one where the U.S. defends its traditional sphere of influence in the Western Hemisphere and respects other great powers’ spheres of influence.

Expecting the current crop of foreign policy leadership to abide by realist foreign policy principles is overly optimistic. In reality, a new generation of leaders is needed to bring America back to its more realist, non-interventionist roots.”

Biden is protecting the U.S. empire and serving the defense contractors. This is exactly why he was installed as president, in order to make sure that the military-industrial complex would remain intact.