Biden Requests Funding to Bring in 95,000 Afghans to the US

The Biden administration has plans to ask Congress to provide funding to import roughly 95,000 Afghans to America and help in resettling them nationwide.

Right now, the White House is asking for $6.4 billion by using a continuing resolution to finance current efforts to extract aliens and other vulnerable Afghans from the Central Asian country. 

According to senior administration officials, the funds in question would be used to import 65,000 Afghans to the US by the end of September in addition to 30,000 who may arrive throughout 2022.

“The U.S. government will continue to press the Taliban to uphold our commitment to ensure safe passage for those remaining Americans who want to leave and for Afghans who worked with and support us,” the officials stated on the call.

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“The majority of the funds requested are for DOD and State to support overseas sites, like Ramstein in Germany, and sites in the United States as well as transportation for allies and partners between those overseas sites and the United States,” the official detailed.

The official explained that the funding allocated towards the overseas sites “shows the commitment to continue that work to ensure that we have the facilities that will be necessary so that individuals who do continue to depart from Afghanistan have certain locations to which to go for the same process that those already evacuated have gone through, including the critical step of security screening and vetting.”

Rebecca Beitsch of the Hill broke down what the funding included: 

The funding request includes $2.4 billion for Defense Department bases and personnel while $1.3 billion would go to the State Department for its resettlement efforts.

Beitsch continued detailing some of the money being allocated towards refugees:

Also included in the request is $815 million for the U.S. Agency for International Development to provide humanitarian assistance funding and $1.7 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services to provide refugee services.

Another $193 million is slated for U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services to ramp up their capacity and help new residents sort out their immigration status and gain status as lawful permanent residents.

It’s becoming clear that the Biden administration is moving forward with this resettlement plan. Unfortunately, many Republicans prefer to virtue signal and offer Constructive Republican Alternative Proposals (C.R.A.P) to these problems. 

The real solution lies in admitting that the Afghan nation-building project was a disaster and rejecting any resettlement of Afghan refugees in the US. Instead, the US should work with its Middle Eastern strategic partners to resettle these refugees in countries that are more culturally aligned with Afghans. Populists need to pressure Republicans to move this direction.