BIDEN: U.S. Military Will ‘Respond Decisively’ to Any Russian Intervention in Ukraine

On Sunday, U.S. President Joe Biden talked with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, claiming that his nation would intervene and “respond decisively” if Russia invades the country.

“President Biden underscored the commitment of the United States and its allies and partners to the principle of ‘nothing about you without you.’ He reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the White House wrote in their public statement about the encounter.

A day before Biden’s meeting with Zelensky, he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin where he threatened to sanction Russia over their potential actions regarding Ukraine.

“I made it clear to President Putin that if he makes any more moves into Ukraine we will have severe sanctions,” Biden said. “We will increase our presence in Europe with NATO allies.”

Russia remains undeterred in the face of Biden’s harsh rhetoric. Putin and his ministers want NATO to exclude Ukraine and for certain weaponry to be removed from nations bordering their country.

“We will not allow our initiatives to be drowned in endless discussions,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. “If no constructive answer comes in a reasonable time and the West continues its aggressive course, Russia will have to take all necessary measures to maintain a strategic balance and remove unacceptable threats to our security.”

Liberty Conservative News has reported on Biden’s plans to arm Ukraine with weapons that were originally intended for Afghanistan before that war effort fell apart:

The Biden regime is considering sending weapons that were meant for the former Afghanistan government, which folded and surrendered overnight after the blood money checks stopped coming in from Washington D.C., over to the Ukraine as a power play against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. and Ukrainian officials speaking under the condition of anonymity have confirmed that negotiations are underway. Ukraine would receive military equipment, including Russian-made Mi-17 helicopters, through the proposed deal.

As of right now, the National Security Council has yet to approve the plan. Russia recently sent the U.S. security proposals in an attempt to de-escalate tensions, which may affect the proposed weapons deal. Ukraine is also reportedly lobbying to receive stinger missiles and other surface-to-air weapons from the U.S. federal government. They are also getting subsidized to the tune of $300 million in the bipartisan 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.”

Biden, as predicted, is pursuing an America Last foreign policy, alienating Russia while rolling over to Chinese control. This is how America will die barring a drastic change in national politics in the near future.