BIG: Rand Paul Endorses Liberty Conservative Eric Brakey’s Congressional Campaign

The campaign for Eric Brakey announced on February 19, 2020 that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul endorsed the former Maine State Senator’s run for Maine’s Second Congressional District.

This endorsement makes sense given the philosophical overlap the two have as constitutional conservatives.

Paul previously endorsed Brakey during his U.S. Senate bid in 2018 and traveled up to Maine to campaign with him.

Paul released a statement expressing his support for Brakey:

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 I am proud to endorse my friend Eric Brakey in his candidacy to be the Republican nominee for Maine’s Second Congressional District. Eric has been a champion for freedom in the Maine Senate and will fight for liberty in Congress. Eric and I support President Trump and his America First foreign policy. I truly believe Eric is best suited to take back this seat from Jared Golden. Today I stand with Eric Brakey and urge all the voters of his district to support him and send him to Congress.

Brakey put out his own statement:

Senator Paul has been fighting for liberty in the US Senate and I am ready to fight with him in Congress. I am honored to receive Senator Paul’s endorsement for the Republican nomination to defeat Jared Golden and win Maine’s 2nd District. Our campaign is the only campaign that has the message, grassroots and resources to win in both June and November.

Brakey is a former two-term State Senator who spearheaded the passage of Constitutional Carry, Welfare Reform, and Right to Try legislation during his time in office.

Having him in Congress, would give solid liberty conservatives such as Congressman Thomas Massie and Senator Paul another ally to push legislation forward.

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