Big Tech Thought Control: Siri Will No Longer Say the Word “Gun”

According to a report from Paul Joseph Watson, Siri’s voice assistant is now refusing to say the word “gun” when used on an IPad.

Twitter user Tracy Connors posted a video of herself making an attempt to have Siri read out a Daily Caller article with the title of “Virginia House of Delegates Passes Gun Ban, Seizure Bill”.

Rather than giving a response by saying the word ‘gun’, Siri spelled out the world letter by letter, G-U-N.


Connors tweeted, “This is wild! Check out what happened when I had my iPad read me a @DailyCaller headline about the gun ban bill that passed VA’s House today.”

“Apple is now our parent and we’re fragile little children who can’t hear scary words,” asserted Connors.

Watson noted that in 2016, Apple replaced its gun emoji with a water pistol as a response to “a series of shootings in the US.”

Indeed, this is a sign of virtue signaling by another corporation that feels it’s necessary to embrace whichever leftist cause is in style.

Big League Politics has reported on previous occasions how corporate America is becoming more anti-gun recently.

Given how politicized society has become, it only makes sense that big business jump in and endorse PC causes.