Candidate Eric Brakey SLAMS Democrat Incumbent for Cowardly Impeachment Vote

On December 18, 2019, Congressman Jared Golden decided to vote for impeachment ad go against the will of American voters.

His Republican challenger, former Maine Senator Eric Brakey, was disappointed with Golden’s decision.

Brakey tweeted, “A sad day for Maine. A sad day for America.In voting for this partisan impeachment, @RepGolden has disregarded the people of Maine’s 2nd District who overwhelmingly voted to elect @realDonaldTrump.Next year, we will fix this by overwhelmingly voting for a new representative.”

Maine’s 2nd congressional district voted 51%-41% in favor of Trump in 2016.

Brakey is running as a liberty conservative who will protect the Second Amendment, uphold fiscal responsibility, and vote in favor of measures that will bring troops back from the American government’s never-ending wars overseas.

If elected, Brakey would join Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul in building a solid liberty coalition of elected officials in Congress.

Golden’s impeachment vote demonstrates that he is clearly a part of the political establishment.

Maine’s 2nd congressional district desperately needs an America First voice who will fight for American workers and small businessmen, not the well-entrenched D.C regime.

The days of dwelling in the Swamp are over.

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