Cardinal Robert Sarah Believes Mass Migration is Destroying Europe

Roman Catholic Cardinal Robert Sarah believes that Europe is on the path to “self-destruction” thanks to its loose migratory policies.

To address this crisis, the Catholic leader has called on Europeans to help Africa develop in order to stem the flow of migrants heading to the Old Continent.

Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart News reported that Cardinal Sarah went before French media after a recent incident that involved the deaths of 27 migrants attempting to cross the English Channel from France. 

The Church leader told Le Figaro

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My reaction is a revolt. There is a triple betrayal. We are taking away young people from Africa, intelligence, living forces, who are torn from their country.

Then these young people are presented with Europe as Eldorado, they are told that they will have everything when this is not true.

Finally, we do not react against the smugglers who take advantage of their naivety and make them succumb in the open sea. We should fight against this evil at its roots and present Europe as it is, with its difficulties too.

“The best greeting you can offer these migrants is to develop their country, so they can stay at home,” Cardinal Sarah proclaimed.

Sarah, who is of Guinean origin, is one of the most outspoken figures in favor of traditionalism in the Catholic church. He has made a name for himself for criticizing misguided interventions the West has carried out in the Middle East in addition to warning about the perilous effects of uncontrolled migration to the West.

In the latter case, Sarah is suggesting that European countries help African countries develop so that they don’t have to watch millions of people flee their homelands, all while putting institutional, cultural, and fiscal pressures on European nations. 

In the past, there have been proposals to roll out Marshall Plan-esque programs to develop Africa. French President Emmanuel Macron previously poured cold water on the concept by pointing out that Africa has “civilizational” problems that impede its ability to develop. 

“What are the problems? Failed states, complex democratic transitions, and extremely difficult demographic transitions,” Macron declared back in 2017. Macron pointed out how in several African countries, the average woman is having 7 to 8 kids.

Cardinal Sarah insisted that Europe should maintain its roots and traditions. Cardinal Sarah declared “My idea is that everyone keeps their roots, their cultural and historical richness, and to communicate it to their children. That’s what we’ve all received.”

If there is anything that can be done for Africa it’s to use policy advisors to push for solid economic proposals that keep Africa stable and prevent millions of Africans from having to flee their countries. One thing is certain: Africa should avoid wokism at all costs. Those policies are civilization destroying and will only make things so much worse for Africa.