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In a tremendous victory for equality and an incredible affront to human decency, a federal judge in Texas decreed that a military draft consisting of only men is unconstitutional. It's time for women to put...
Anderson has emerged as one of the most prominent advocates for information liberator Julian Assange.
Trump is straying away from non-interventionism at the behest of neocon John Bolton, and the Russians are being provoked as a result
The conservative leaders believe the swamp has won this round.
FBI special counsel Robert Mueller's report clearing President Trump of Russia collusion revealed a glimpse into Assange's psyche.
A growing chorus of conservatives and liberals in Congress want to stop the Iran war.
House Democrats are feeling emboldened after winning power last November and plan to flex their muscle by banning market-based healthcare and forcing everyone into a totalitarian government bureaucracy of sorts. Almost half of the Democrats' 235-seat...
The liberty-minded former state senator has earned the respect of his colleagues.
Conservative pundits have seized upon last week's exchange between Somalian far-left Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-MN) and United States Special Representative for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams to blast Omar for anti-semitism. Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) explodes...
The Fed is instituting massive inflationary stimulus.
The feds are robbing the US taxpayer and spending it in the most gaudy of ways