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Sen. Paul is kicking the neocons while they're down after the dismissal of John Bolton from the Trump administration.
Cruz is demonstrating that he is a neoconservative.
Bolton is no longer Trump's national security adviser.
Anderson has emerged as one of the most prominent advocates for information liberator Julian Assange.
Kobach is running for the U.S. Senate seat in Kansas.
This unabashed socialist is incredibly dangerous.
Cannabis is bringing jobs, commerce and prosperity to red states.
They are supporting the "1619 Project" as an attack on the U.S. Constitution and American liberty.
This is another example of how America is dangerously over-regulated.
Trump intends to fulfill his 'America First' mandate abroad.
The liberty-minded former state senator has earned the respect of his colleagues.
The Saudi-backed war is crumbling, and the UAE is removing their coalition support.
Trump is moving toward an ‘America First’ foreign policy.
The Hong Kong protests appear to be a soft U.S.-backed intervention against the Chinese government.