Gorsuch has made civil liberties' activists very happy with two recent decisions, much to the chagrin of tough-on-crime conservatives.
The longest war in American history continues to result in needless deaths.
Republicans and Democrats in the Senate want to keep Western capital out of North Korea.
Trump believed that the human cost was too high to do the strike.
Sen. Rand Paul is trying to save President Trump's foreign policy.
Potential false flags in Iran and national security officials warning of UFOs are also discussed in Episode #26 of the Liberty Conservative Podcast.
Libertarian Party Chairman Nick Sarwark is pushing xenophobic conspiracy theories to claim Ron Paul is a foreign agent.
The military-industrial complex is playing Trump like a fiddle.
Democrats in New York are rapidly moving in the direction of mandatory vaccinations.
Sen. Rand Paul has been lobbying President Trump to circumvent Obamacare, and it's paying off.
The reality TV President is delivering libertarian results.
The so-called party of principle has gone from irrelevant to disgraceful in recent years.
The monolithic corporation wants to use federal force to keep its market share.
These moves are bringing the two countries closer to war.
Big Brother is becoming a reality across the West.
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is pointing out how limited Trump's power truly is when curtailing deep state power.
The Senator has placed a hold on certain tax treaties that he feels violate individual rights.