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Foreign aid is back in political discussions thanks to the recent impeachment controversy regarding Trump's decision to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine. Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie offered his two cents on the matter. In a tweet, he...
This is good news for Middle East peace advocates.
Is this really the best use of federal resources?
Both parties came together to destroy the 4th Amendment.
The Senate voted 73-20 on Thursday morning to defeat an amendment proposed by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to cut federal spending by a measly one percent across the board in order to fund critical infrastructure...
Medea Benjamin of Code Pink may be imprisoned for anti-war activism.
Romney is leading the charge to start a federal war on vaping.
The contentious exchange happened on a Brazilian talk show.
Paul is refusing to play by the intelligence community's rules.
Assange's father John Shipton spoke to reporters last week.
Paul has Trump's back on the bogus impeachment hearing.