Cato-Linked Russian Politician Exposed as ‘Pedophile, Zoophile, Sadist, Animal Abuser and Total Moral Degenerate’

The Russia-based think tank ИИМК has exposed a rising resistance figure in Russian politics, and a frequent associate of Cato Institute big wigs, as a “pedophile, zoophile, sadist, animal abuser and total moral degenerate.”

Mikhail Svetov, a 35-year-old leader of the Libertarian Party of Russia, has been accused of being a pedophile by Russian authorities. He has denied the allegations and said that they are merely a ploy to shut him up and stop his opposition to Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin.

“I think that [all my political activity] had a cumulative effect, and my lecture tour was the last straw,” Svetov said after Moscow prosecutors alleged he had participated in “immoral activities” with a minor.

“They have always tried to marginalize us libertarians, trying to show that we are a purely Moscow phenomenon, as if our ideas were just some hipsterism from the capital. And suddenly I clearly demonstrated that all of Russia is interested in my ideas,” he said. “The authorities understood that they had missed something important and that is why now they are trying to frighten me.”

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However, the information compiled by Russian think tank regarding the Cato favorite is incredibly damning and appears to show the extent of Svetov’s immense depravity.

They noted that Svetov’s girlfriend Anastasia Starodubskaya appears to be extremely young and maybe even pre-pubescent. According to the think tank’s findings, he admitted to wooing her at the age of 15 and defended his romantic relationship with the child.

“I started dating Nastya when she was 15. Pretending that girls are asexual beings in this age is a phony puritan lie,” he said, demonstrating himself to be a practitioner of hebephilia.

However, other writings and posts on blogs administrated by Svetov indicate that he is attracted to children even younger than the age of 15. The think tank assembled entries from Svetov’s blog with child pornography as well as drawings depicting children being assaulted, terrorized and raped. The quotes attributed to Svetov by the think tank are beyond chilling.

“I should exclude all possible misunderstandings and make clear that I played such games myself and I’m aroused at times by thoughts of violence, including violence against children. People with weak nerves should better not try to look into my head while I’m masturbating. I fapped at an image where a girl was penetrated through her trachea,” Svetov wrote on his LiveJournal blog, according to the think tank.

“It’s erotic when a girl has beautiful hands and feet and when you can see fresh scratches on her sharp knees. It’s erotic when a girl is 14 years old and cries… It’s very erotic to hurt little girls — but it’s not allowed,” he reportedly lamented in another passage.

Svetov has appeared in full-length interviews with leaders from the Cato Institute, including the organization’s President and CEO Peter Goettler and senior fellow Flemming Rose. Throughout his legal troubles, he has called on the Russian people to rally around him and fight for his freedom.

“I’m going to keep fighting for Russia, and I hope Russia will keep fighting for me,” he said in an interview last year.

Now that these revelations are known, it is not likely that Svetov will be able to garner much sympathy among the Russian people throughout his legal plight.

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