Charles Koch and George Soros Team Up to Form a Fake Anti-War Organization

Daniel McAdams, the Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute, has bad news for those of us who want to end D.C.s regime change mania.

The allegedly “anti-war” Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft is not exactly what it seems.

McAdams describes the two founders of the organization — George Soros and Charles Koch — as individuals who “made fortunes from global interventionism.”

In McAdam’s view, he sees Koch and Soros’s work with the Quincy Institute as a way “to re-brand their pet interventionism as ‘restraint’.”

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For him, Soros is no “left-winger” and Koch is no “right-winger.”  McAdams sees the two as globalist oligarchs that invest vast sums of money into organizations that strive to “create the kind of world where the elites govern with no accountability except to themselves, and ‘the interagency,’ rather than an elected President of the US, makes US foreign policy.”

One event that McAdams criticized was the Quincy Institute’s conference, “Perspective on U.S. Global Leadership in the 21st Century,” which featured U.S. General David Petraeus.

He noted that Petraeus was the architect behind the “surge” policy in Iraq and was one of the biggest boosters of this disastrous conflict. Additionally, he cited how Petraeus “teamed up with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to develop and push the brilliant idea of directly and overtly training and equipping al-Qaeda and other jihadists to overthrow the secular government of Bashar Assad.”

Following Petraeus’s speech, Julianne Smith of the German Marshal Fund, gave a speech titled “A New Vision for America’s Role in the World.”

The German Marshall Fund started and bankrolls the Alliance for Securing Democracy. This is organization has featured notable interventionists such “William Kristol, John McCain Institute head David Kramer, Michael “Trump is an agent of Putin” Morell, and, among others, the guy who made millions out of scaring the hell out of Americans, former Homeland-Security-chief-turned-airport-scanner-salesman Michael Chertoff.”

Another detail that stood out was the Quincy Institute’s partnership with the Atlantic Council. McAdams highlighted the dirty secret that the Atlantic Council doesn’t want political observers to know:

The Atlantic Council has been pushing US foreign policy toward war with Russia for years, pumping endless false propaganda and neocon lies to fuel the idea that Russia is engaged in an “asymmetric battle” against the US, that the mess in Ukraine was the result of a Russian out-of-the-blue invasion rather than an Obama Administration coup d’etat, that Russia threw the elections to Putin’s agent Trump, and that Moscow is seeking to to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

The Atlantic Council cooperates with giant social media outlets to identify and ban an alternative news outlets that break from the view that the U.S. military-industrial complex is under constant attacked by rivals “from Syria to Iran to Russia to China and beyond, and that therefore it must continue spending a trillion dollars per year to maintain its role as the unipolar hyperpower.” McAdams called attention to how the “Atlantic Council – a US government funded entity – colludes with social media to silence any deviation from US government approved foreign policy positions.”

There simply aren’t many voices for non-interventionism in America.

McAdams raised an interesting point about the decline of The American Conservative Magazine (TAC), which went from one of the most refreshing voices of non-interventionism on the Right, to a generic conservative outlet that has deviated from the “vision of its founders, Pat Buchanan and Taki Theodoracopulos.”

Given Koch’s track record as a gatekeeper and an individual who funds establishment candidates, we can expect this venture with Soros to take any steam out of genuinely non-interventionist causes.

More details about the Quincy Institute and its pseudo “anti-war” image can be found here.

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