Chip Roy Believes that there are People in America Who Would Impose Chinese Communist Party-Style Tyranny on Others 

The American Left does not care about freedom whatsoever. In fact, many would relish at the prospect of imposing tyranny that is typical of states like the People’s Republic of China. 

For example, the Chinese Communist Party regime has recently imposed a whole new set of draconian measures to allegedly combat a new outbreak of the Wuhan virus. In a tweet posted by Aaron Ginn, the co-founder of decentralized hosting platform Hydra Host, Chinese authorities were exposed in a video seizing people’s pets — a move that is likely done in the name of fighting the Wuhan virus.

Ginn tweeted, “The COVID police in China are stealing pets away from their owners to murder them. All for your health.”


Texas Congressman Chip Roy quote tweeted Ginn, saying “The Chinese Communist Party is evil, yes.  But… don’t think there aren’t Americans who wouldn’t do this to you… but for federalism, the Second Amendment, and the knowledge we’d fight back.”

There is a lot of truth in Roy’s statement. The United States is unique for its pro-freedom culture and strong federalist practices. Most other societies tend to have stronger traditions of centralized political rule. For example, China is a society that’s more accustomed to oriental despotism of some form — whether it be Han imperialism or its Communist turn in the 20th century. 

The US is a truly lucky nation in how it has deeply-rooted, Anglo-Saxon traditions of freedom. However, this type of culture is gradually evaporating due to mass indoctrination at schools, the media, and other venues where people are conditioned to embrace the state. In addition, displacement levels of mass migration see millions of people, who hail from cultures that are less receptive towards freedom, settle down in the US and change its overall culture. These people and their posterity will likely behave politically in a way that will move America’s political culture in an anti-freedom direction. 

We should always cherish our freedoms, but never rest on our laurels. The 21st century will be the century that will determine the fate of the US. If we don’t take a stand, the US will just become another despotic state that is destined to enter the halls of civilization decline.