Civil Society Collapse: Boys Scouts of America is Pushing “Diversity and Inclusion” Policies

There are no institutions in the US that can escape being infected by the woke mind virus.

According to Spencer Lindquist of the Federalist, the Boy Scouts of America has gone further down the abyss that is wokism by announcing a new merit badge titled “Citizenship in Society.” This will be a required merit badge for individuals in pursuit of the Eagle Scout rank in July 2022. 

Although this merit badge’s title sounds innocuous, its overall spirit is based on the principles of wokism and “diversity and inclusion” ideologies. Boy Scouts has already been on the woke path after it decided to open up the organization to girls in 2019, a move that put an end to its profile as an exclusively masculine institution. 

Lindquist noted that “Citizenship in The World, Citizenship in The Nation, and Citizenship in The Community are already required merit badges.” 

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But the new merit badge, which the BSA’s Office of Diversity and Youth Development Office has rolled out will encourage Scouts to explore important topics surrounding “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Lindquist noted that the Merit Badge Counselor Guide is where the radicalism of BSA’s new policies lies.In the “Resources” section of the guide, there is a “All My Relations” podcast, that concentrates on the Native American experience and has several episodes titled “Decolonizing Sex,” “Celebrate Indigenous Peoples, Not Columbus,” and “Indigiqueer.”  

In his article, Lindquist noted that he was able to reach out to BSA’s PR team. In the correspondence , the PR team stated the following: 

“The ideals and values of diversity, equity and inclusion are core to who we are at BSA. Our values as stated in the Scout Oath and Scout Law encourage Scouts to respect the beliefs of others, to be kind and courteous, and to help other people at all times.”

Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910 and has served as one of the pillars of American civil society. Now that it’s been captured by the forces of wokism, this institution that upheld America’s social fabric is going off the deep end.

Such a trend doesn’t augur well for the social health of America. Conservatives will have to muddle through and build institutions that reflect their values. The country cannot afford to continue to be atomized and deracinated in a time of growing social collapse.