Common Sense Prevails: Texas Approves Law Allowing Kids to Run Lemonade Stands

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 234 into law which would allow kids to run lemonade stands without fear of law enforcement shutting them down.

According to a Texas Tribune report, this law will go into effect on September and prohibits cities and neighborhood associations from enacting ordinances that prevent or regulate children’s ability to sell nonalcoholic drinks such as lemonade on private property.

Republican State Representative Matt Krause introduced this legislation after police shut down a lemonade stand that two daughters were running in order to raise money for a Father’s Day gift in 2015. The bill passed unanimously in both chambers of the Texas State Legislature and Abbott signed the bill into law on Monday, June 12, 2019.

As Abbott gave this law his signature of approval, Abbot said “Here’s a common sense law.”

Although the 2019 legislative session has been relatively disappointing on issues such as gun rights and property taxes, the passage of this bill is a heart-warming development for all residents of the Lone Star State. Texas can at least say that it is still one of the most economically free states in the country, and its legislature is at least making an attempt to maintain its business- friendly image.

No individual should be harassed for simply engaging in a peaceful, voluntary act of commerce. Running a lemonade stand is a great way for children to understand how small business ventures work. Having the government get in between this activist is a petty form of government overreach.

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