Congressman Paul Gosar Calls for Big Tech to be Held Accountable

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar sat down with Jan Jekielek of Epoch Times to talk about Big Tech censorship in an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Gosar talked about how he introduced legislation to get rid of the legal immunities given to social media platforms, which he believes have now transformed into publishers that are engaged in censorship.

He noted that “when the platforms like Google and Facebook were made, they were given a broad immunity from prosecution from liability.”

The immunities he is referring to come from the Communications Decency Act which was passed in 1996 and provides “immunity from liability for providers and users of an ‘interactive computer service’ who publish information provided by third-party user.”

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Gosar called attention to how these platforms are censoring people like himself and Laura Loomer.

In light of this, he introduced legislation that would allow people to sue these platforms if they find themselves being censored. He believes such legislation is needed in times when Big Tech has plans to meddle in the 2020 elections.

The Arizona congressman alluded to 2.4 million votes moving to Hillary Clinton last election cycle.

He highlighted how Facebook and other platforms are willing to see “15.5 million votes being skewed to any who runs against President Trump.”

When the interviewer, Jekielek, mentioned how some people think Facebook is trying to get Trump re-elected, Gosar said “talk is cheap, actions speak”, which is why he believes his legislation will make up any inaction on Big Tech’s part.

The Arizona congressman claims that this legislation would be a “happy medium” that Facebook and other tech giants “could get behind.”

With Big Tech becoming even more political, it’s time to consider legislation that removes crony privileges it has received from the government.

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