Cringe Pro-Biden Bipartisan Group Wants to Pass Gun Grab

Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman called for Republicans and Independents to band together in the 2020 election and back former Vice President in a recent piece for Inside Sources.

The former governor stated the following:

That’s why today, I invite my fellow Republicans and right-leaning Independents to join me and the nearly 100 other current and former Republican elected officials, members of previous Republican administrations, and party leaders in forming a coalition of the decent, to elect a decent man President of the United States.

David Codrea of Ammoland had an incisive critique of Biden, unlike Whitman, who preferred to gush over the former Vice President:

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Of course, he does not. He does not want to be a president for Americans who oppose new taxes. He does not want to be a president for Americans who believe in the sanctity of the lives of the unborn. He does not want to be a president for Americans who see, and don’t agree with, the inevitable tyrannical cultural shifts enabled by uncontrolled “immigration” with a “Day One pathway to citizenship.” And he does not want to be a president for Americans who believe unbendingly in the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Biden is a clear threat to the Second Amendment due to his support for “assault weapons” bans and a national buyback scheme. For some like Whitman, who has a long anti-gun record, supporting Biden only comes naturally. Codrea noted some of Whitman’s anti-gun behavior while she was Governor of New Jersey.

Not that Whitman minds. Despite hollowly crowing about her “Republican” credentials and connections, she has always been part of the establishment swamp and has been betraying gun owner interests for decades.

“She signed a trigger lock law because she didn’t have the political juice to force through her favored option, “smart guns.”  She “initiated” a “zero-tolerance” bill mandating “gun-free school zones” to further favor psychopaths by law. Her best friend and former campaign manager became a gun-grabber lobbyist.” And after the Orlando murders, she clued us in on what she would do if she did have the power.

Whitman wasn’t the only Republican selling out. Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has also jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon. Codrea exposed some of Snyder’s slimy behavior:

In an act of political duplicity brazen enough to make heads spin, Michigan’s Rick Snyder managed to swindle out support from both Michael Bloomberg and the NRA! He showed whose side he was really on by denying both due process and concealed carry permits to citizens that have been accused, but not charged nor been convicted of any crime. He joined Everytown in bragging about “vetoing priority legislation” for NRA.

Similarly, Bill Weld has joined these anti-Trump efforts. He has a long record of being a soft Republican and his showing during the 2016 presidential election demonstrated how faithful he is to pro-establishment talking points and narratives. Codrea expanded on this:

And where do we start with Bill Weld of Massachusetts? “Republican governor” turned “Libertarian vice-presidential candidate” Weld wants to ban semi-autos and their magazines, and deny guns to citizens who appear on secret lists for unknown reasons, again without due process, and without even being charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. Wholly unsurprisingly, he endorsed Barack Obama and then worked against Donald Trump (and his new LP BFFs) to Hillary Clinton’s advantage in 2016.

All in all, there is a growing number of flaccid Republicans who are scurrying from the GOP to later kneel before the Left.

This represents goods new for liberty conservatives, who should welcome any exodus from the GOP that involves milquetoast figures. Through addition by subtraction, liberty conservatives will be able to take over the GOP and implement their agenda.

The more establishment types that leave the GOP, the better.

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