Danish Government Reveals that Mass Migration Costs it $5 Billion Annually

According to a report by Summit News, “The net cost of non-western immigration to Denmark, after tax contributions have been deducted, has been revealed to be nearly $5 billion a year.”

To be exact, the Danish Ministry of Finance pinned the estimated costs of mass migration to be around ($4.8 billion) in 2018. The leader of the Danish People’s Party Kristian Thulesen Dahl described the numbers as “astronomical.”

“The figure is based on state spending for public services related to immigration and welfare benefits received by immigrants and included state expenditures on healthcare, child care, education, and culture,” a report by Sputnik noted. “By contrast, tax contributions were deducted from the total.”

The bulk of the money – DKK 24 billion ($3.7 billion) — was lavished on migrants from the Middle East and North Africa in addition to Pakistan and Turkey. According to Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News, the migrants from the aforementioned countries “comprise 55 percent of all non-western immigrants.”

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In addition, Watson noted that “These migrants cost the state DKK 85,000 ($13,000) per person compared to just 4,000 per person from other non-western countries.”

What’s even more curious is that the $4.8 billion is actually lower than previous years due to Denmark taking a stronger stance on immigration and making efforts to hinder the development of migrant ghettos. 

Though the Danish People’s Party wants to push the envelope even further by “deporting 70 percent of immigrants by 2030, if they have committed something criminal, haven’t mastered Danish, or have been unemployed for a long time.”

Mass migration is a universal plague throughout the West. Across the board, right-wing populist parties are rising in response to their respective countries’ negligent immigration policies.

Even in the EU, which is as culturally leftist as it gets, populist parties are surging at the polls and challenging the status quo. Right-wingers in the US should look at the examples of successful immigration restrictionist movements and learn from their success. At the end of the day, we’re involved in the same civilizational struggle and it would behoove us to learn from one another. 

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