DEEP STATE: President Trump’s New Head of Intelligence Led Railroading of Julian Assange

New revelations indicate that acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell led the railroading of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is facing 17 felony charges under the Espionage Act.

Politico reports that Assange attorney Gareth Peirce is planning to produce evidence showing Grenell abused his power to orchestrate Assange’s ouster from the Ecuadorean embassy in Britain. The U.S. federal government is attempting to extradite Assange from Britain in order to make an example of him for facilitating the release of documents exposing deep state war crimes.

Assange’s defense team reportedly plans to produce recordings and screenshots of communications conducted by a Grenell operative, which includes an unverified claim that Grenell was acting on orders from President Donald Trump.

ABC News reported last year that Grenell said to the Ecuadorean government that the U.S. would not pursue the death penalty if Assange was surrendered.

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“They were over him, he was a big nuisance,” a senior U.S. official told ABC News. “They were saying ‘This is too much. How do we get him out?’”

Grenell reportedly met with the Ecuadorean ambassador to Germany, Manuel Mejia Dalmau, in Berlin in 2018 to negotiate the release of Assange. Sources have confirmed that Grenell made the assurances that led to Assange losing his diplomatic asylum, and now his life is in danger as a result.

Assange’s lawyers will be making the case that Grenell corrupted the process by taking a sentence off the table before the trial could commence. They will also argue that President Trump likely inserted himself into the matter, which resulted in the politicizing of the proceedings and robbed Assange of his ability to receive justice in the court of law.

Their case will be bolstered with evidence provided by political activist and journalist Cassandra Fairbanks, who is currently employed as a writer for Gateway Pundit. She is likely to be listed as a formal witness during the case. She recorded a correspondence with Arthur Schwartz, a Grenell confidant, and created screenshots of conversations they engaged in regarding Assange and Grenell.

Schwartz told Fairbanks that Grenell was “taking orders from the president” by inserting himself into the process of railroading Assange. He urged her to keep the information secret, but grew frightened when Fairbanks pointed out in a Sept. 2019 tweet that Grenell “was the one who worked out the deal for Julian Assange’s arrest.”

“I don’t want to go to jail,” Schwartz said to Fairbanks in a call and accused her of publishing “classified information” that could get him into trouble.

“Please. I’m begging you,” Schwartz said in the recording. “They look at you, they see that we speak, that’s bad.”

Politico claims they received these recordings and screenshots from Property of the People, a non-profit transparency group that obtained them from Fairbanks.

The notion that Schwartz, who is not a government employee, was aware of his confidential information may destroy Grenell’s rise to the top of the intelligence bureaucracy. Democrats have been looking for any ammunition they could use to keep Grenell, a Trump loyalist, from obtaining the position. Schwartz claims that he was feeding her disinformation the entire time.

“I highly doubt I would tell her anything real, accurate or of any importance,” Schwartz said.

“I barely remember that conversation,” he added. “I remember that she was slinging mud at a friend of mine on social media and I wanted her to stop. Knowing that she’s not too bright and easily manipulated, I threw a bunch of nonsense at her that I thought would get her to stop. And she did stop.”

Fairbanks also provided screenshots of a conversation she had with Schwartz in Oct. 2018 over the encrypted Signal app, which he denies remembering, in which Schwartz fed Fairbanks information about how Assange would be apprehended in the months to come, which is exactly what came to pass.

“I need to let Julian’s lawyers and family know that the president personally ordered an anti WikiLeaks ambassador from a country uninvolved in the case to secure Julian’s arrest,” Fairbanks told Schwartz, according to the screenshots received by Politico.

“It’s clear he’s a political prisoner and his health is deteriorating rapidly. I don’t know if it will matter to them, but it seems important, and they should know,” she said.

“I wouldn’t get so emotional until you see exactly what that worthless piece of garbage did,” he replied regarding Assange. “There’s a good reason the death penalty was on the table.”

“Are you sure it’s not just Clinton friends taking some random photos and pinning it on him for revenge or something?” she responded.

“Forget about pictures,” Schwartz said. “There were other things that happened because he did what he did that led to horrible suffering and death. I have zero sympathy for him. Doubt you will either when/if it comes out publicly.”

Ryan Shapiro, Property of the People’s executive director, released the evidence to the mainstream media without any regard to Assange’s case because he wanted it to damage the Trump administration.

“The Trump regime is consolidating power and the nation’s new top spy is a former Fox News contributor and far-right public relations flack who appears to have leaked classified information to a Trump family political fixer who subsequently shared it with a prominent alt-right blogger,” Shapiro said.

“Americans must confront the Trump regime’s ongoing seizure of power or suffer the United States’ descent into genuine authoritarianism,” he added.

This news may help prevent Assange’s extradition from Britain, as these revelations could be the first of many explosive findings that come out as the deep state tries to exact revenge on the heroic information liberator and whistleblower’s advocate.