Degenerate Members of the European Union are Bullying Hungary for Its Strong Support of Family Values

The European Union’s leadership just loves to make Hungary’s life miserable. Hungary has recently been subject to a two minutes hate campaign for a new law that makes attempt to prohibit the public promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism in the prescence of minors. Specifically, this law bans TV shows and similar content that ostensibly pushes LGBT lifestyles for individuals below the age of 18.

As of late, the EU has ramped up pressure on Hungary for not adopting LGBT protections. And in fact, the EU is incensed with the fact that Hungary is doubling down on its traditionalist policies. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is now the designated attack dog who has taken the EU’s pressure to the next level by calling on Hungary to change its law or leave the union. 

17 of the 27 countries in the European bloc banded together to condemn Hungary in a joint statement.

Some leaders like European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen insist that Hungary’s law is a discriminatory measure against LGBT people. Hungarian proponents of this law allude to how it shifts decision making on how LGBT content is presented to children towards parents and family members’ hands. Orban has defended the law by saying that it’s principally about “defending the rights of the kids and the parents” and does not involve any form of discrimination. 

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Rutte has been fanatically committed to making Hungary comply with the EU’s PC outlook on cultural issues. “My goal is to bring Hungary to its knees on this issue,” the Dutch Prime Minister declared. “They must realize that they are either part of the European Union and this community of values, which means that in Hungary… no one can be discriminated against and [everyone] can feel free on grounds of sexuality, skin color, gender whatever.”

Hungary’s resistance to the EU’s cultural radicalism obviously annoys Eurocrats who want to remake the entire European continent in their own degenerate image. Over the past decade, a number of NGOs have labored to destabilize Hungary through the promotion of several causes ranging from sexual deviancy to mass migration.

Before the EU chewed out Hungary for its child protection law, Balázs Hidvéghi, a former spokesman for the Fidesz Party, came out in defense of the law:

We stand ready to debate the law with those who have spoken out against it,” he recently told the BBC. “The law is strictly about the protection of children. It says that for minors under 18, sexual education has to be appropriate and what we don’t want is the intrusion of so-called LGBTQ+ lobby NGOs and pressure groups walking into kindergartens and schools to explain to children why it’s a great idea to have hormone treatments and operations to change their sex before they’re 18. These are not acceptable practices.

The beef between Rutte and Orban did not come out of the blue. Last year, the two butted heads over “rule of law’ matters, whereby the EU planned to punish EU members who deviated from Brussels’ PC standards. One way they had planned to punish contrarian states like Hungary was by cutting off funding to them.

Last summer, Orban had choice words for Rutte, stating:

I don’t know what is the personal reason for the Dutch prime minister to hate me or Hungary, but he is attacking so harshly, and making very clear that because Hungary in his opinion does not respect the rule of law, [it] must be punished financially. That’s his position, which is not acceptable because there is no decision about what is the rule of law situation in Hungary.

Hungary has stood out for its staunch defense of traditional values in a continent that has been engulfed by cultural leftism. This makes it an easy target for the EU and the omnipresent NGO industrial complex.

For all intents and purposes, Hungary will remain a target for Left-liberal politicians due to how it positions itself as a bastion of traditionalism. It would not be surprising if Joe Biden’s administration bands together with globalist EU governments to run a color revolution of sorts in Hungary to topple Orban’s government. Time will tell if the globalists will go through with this devious plot. But knowing how these globalists operate, we can never put it past them to destabilize other countries.

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