Democrats are Now Pushing for $2,000 Monthly Handouts

Democrats are now getting behind a plan to handout $2,000 to Americans on a monthly basis during the Wuhan virus crisis.

Universal Basic incomes and similar handouts are very popular among Leftist constituencies across America. The Wuhan virus pandemic has provided them the perfect opportunity to enact such policies.

Senate Republicans have been hesitant about adopting the idea given how the large the final Wuhan virus aid package will be.

On a call with Democrats earlier this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed the monthly handouts. Given Pelosi’s support of the monthly handout, it’s likely it will be included in the CARES 2 package that House Democrats will unveil in the next few days.

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“The government has told people we need to shelter in place to keep safe. So it’s the government’s obligation to provide for basic expenses while we’re telling people not to work. It’s really that simple,” California Congressman Ro Khanna said.

“We need $2,000 a month for families struggling to pay the bills,” he continued.

This idea was inspired by the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, CARES Act, where Americans received one-time stimulus handouts of up to $1,200. Now Democrats want to double down on the spending.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and the Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Pramila Jayapal have put forward the ABC ACT which would give all Americans $2,000 a month throughout the pandemic, and $1,000 monthly for a year after the crisis ends.

Khanna and Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan rolled out a plan that would be predicated on means testing. Under the Emergency Money for the People Act, individuals making less than $130,000 yearly would receive a $2,000 handout every month. Couples making less than $260,000 yearly will receive $4,000 a month.

Last week, Senators Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey, and Kamala Harris unveiled their own plan, the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act. The Hill noted that the plan “would send monthly $2,000 checks to Americans who make less than $120,000 a year, up until three months after the pandemic ends. Married couples would receive $4,000, plus another $2,000 for each child.”

“Bills come in every single month during the pandemic and so should help from our government,” Harris tweeted.

The spending floodgates are now open.

Republicans must hold the line and prevent further expansions in spending. The U.S. is pushing its fiscal limits and more spending will leave behind massive debt burdens that future generations will have to assume.





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