Does the GOP Establishment Care More About Defending Ukraine’s Border than the US’s Border?

As horrific as the Russia-Ukrainian War has been, it has provided a silver lining in showing who is America First and who is America Last. 

It’s well-established that neoliberal interventionists are fanatic anti-Russia types. Even funnier, is how progressives from Bernie Sanders to members of the Squad have voted for this bill.

Ironically, it was 57 Republicans in the House and 11 in the Senate who were the sole opponents of this bill in Congress. 

While still in the minority, this Republican voting bloc represents a growing populist faction within the party that is beginning to question the foreign policy interventionist status quo. Many of these Republicans are recognizing that all the resources being directed to never-ending wars abroad could better be used at home. Namely, for border security, an existential function of a well-run polity. 

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has picked up on this. In a tweet she posted on May 19, 2022, she observed the following: 

“When President Trump wanted to spend $25 billion to build a wall to protect America, Democrats said no.

Now that Ukraine needs to protect its borders, Congress sends them $40 billion. 

America First!”


That’s the thing about the “Invade the World, Invite the World” order: Border security for the homeland is an afterthought, while it’s a priority for colonies on the periphery of the empire. 

Republicans must recognize the limits of running an empire and start realizing that the neocon cabal they’ve pacted with in the past is committed to waging wars abroad at the expense of addressing pressing domestic issues such as mass migration and cultural degeneracy.

This is a pact with the devil that must be ditched once and for all. 

The future of the GOP is one of building a fortress America that builds enough deterrence to secure the homeland while fostering order and liberty in the domestic sphere. This requires the new generation of GOP leaders to reject neocon interventionism and fully embrace right-wing populism.