Don Huffines Congratulates Rand Paul for His Heroic Non-Interventionist Stance on Ukraine

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s heroic stand against interventionists who want to continue waging a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine has not been ignored. 

Former Texas State Senator and Republican gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines congratulated Paul for his move to block a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine in the United States Senate. Now, the bill will be re-considered in the Senate this week. 

On May 13, 2022, Huffines tweeted, “Courage is the catalyst for all virtue. Thank you @RandPaul for having the courage to stand up to the warmongers and elites. We must always put America first!”

Huffines was a staunch liberty conservative during his time in the Texas State Legislature. He was one of the elected officials who initially got the ball rolling on Constitutional Carry. While he was not in office to see the passage of this legislation, his initial efforts laid the groundwork for Constitutional Carry’s success. 

Huffine’s political future is up in the air, but he remains a principled liberty conservative in his private life and knows when politicians should be praised and when they should be condemned. 

If Huffines decides to go back into politics, liberty conservatives in Texas should give him their full support.