Douglas Macgregor Warns that Iran War Could Completely Ruin Trump’s Presidency

Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor was back again on Tucker Carlson’s show.

But this time he was warning his host about the dangers of a potential war with Iran.

He told Carlson that if President Trump decided to use a proportional response attack against Iran last week that it would kick off a war and effectively create a coalition of the willing against the United States.

Carlson argues that the “President is strongly opposed to conflict with Iran.” The retired colonel concurred and said that Trump “looked into the abyss and he said, “No, thank you.” He followed his instincts, thank goodness and walked back.”

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Macgregor noted that Trump is cornered by Iran hawks in his administration. He declared that Trump “is surrounded by people in the Defense Department, in the chain of command, in his own National Security Council staff, in the State Department, who are absolutely committed to finding ways to attack Iran.”

One other thing the retired colonel pointed out is that wars end up destroying presidencies.

“War destroyed LBJ. War destroyed ultimately, W — George W. Bush. He doesn’t want to join the pantheon of destroyed and failed Presidents that embarked upon wars that ultimately were not supported by the American people.”

On the question of sanctions, Macgregor even conceded that they may not be working after all.

He stated that the sanctions were originally designed to “destroy the Iranian economy and to bring the nation to its knees”, but instead argued “That’s really not what we should be trying to do at this point.”

Instead he believes that diplomacy could open up new opportunities for de-escalation and a new path forward for Iranian and American diplomatic relations. But according to the retired military officer, “he needs to get rid of the warmongers. He needs to throw these geniuses that want limited strikes out of the Oval Office.”

Macgregor concluded in saying that the “last thing the American First agenda needs is a stupid, pointless, unnecessary war with Iran and he knows that so he needs to act as much.”

Douglas Macgregor has slowly become one of the strongest America First advocates in the political commentary class. He made waves recently for understanding the end game of Democrats and their open borders agenda. This will not be the last time we hear of Macgregor as the 2020 are elections quickly approaching.

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