Elon Musk’s Tweets Inspire Investments From as Many As 37% of Americans

Enigmatic billionaire Elon Musk inspires the investment decisions of 37% of Americans through his social media presence, according to a new poll by Piplsay. 30,400 people were queried about the Tesla CEO and engineer, revealing he has one of the most impactful social media followings in the country.

Musk has emerged as a supporter of Bitcoin, and Doge, a more obscure cryptocurrency thought of as a gimmick by crypto enthusiasts. However, his tweets highlighting the Doge currency have almost single-handedly increased its value by percentages of a quarter and more, in an indicator of his financial following.

Musk was compelled to agree to not to tweet about Tesla’s stock prices following an agreement with the SEC in 2019, having spurred selloffs and rallies by tweeting about the stock price. Musk theoretically must get the agreement of Tesla executives to tweet about the company, although he’s suggested this component of the SEC settlement isn’t really enforced. Musk tweeted about GameStop as the penny stock’s historic rally kicked into full swing, with some speculating Musk’s GameStop tweet kicked off the populist stock rally in earnest.

The poll indicates that public view of Musk is generally positive, although the Tesla CEO has his detractors. 43% of Americans are neutral about Musk, and 33% think he’s great. 45% of Americans admire Musk’s passion, while 35% view him as a jerk. A majority of Americans indicate they actually follow his tweets, to varying degrees.

Men are more supportive of Musk than women are, with 69% of men “idolizing” him while 31% of women feel the same way.

Musk is one of the small handful of American billionaires who isn’t entirely obsessed with promoting establishment liberalism, blasting what he sees as the complacency of the state California, social media censorship, and Amazon megaoligarch Jeff Bezos.