Eric Brakey is Dominating Fundraising for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District

Republican congressional candidate Eric Brakey is leading the way in fundraising heading into the February 6, 2020 GOP debate for candidates in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District.

The former State Senator has raised more than $500,000 and has about half of it left.

Brakey’s challengers such as Dale Crafts has $134,000 available while Adrienne Bennett has $37,000 on hand. Bennett raised $48,000 while Crafts raised $175,000, which included a $47,000 loan he made to his campaign.

The Androscoggin County Republican Committee will be hosting the 90-minute debate at Lewiston Middle School.

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The party encouraged GOP voters to “come listen to the candidates debate to help you decide who you will vote for” during the June 9 primary which will decide who will be the Republican candidate to challenge Jared Golden in the general election.

Golden only won his race by a 1.2% margin.

Matt Gagnon, the CEO of the Maine Heritage Policy Center, will be the moderator of the debate. He will ask his questions and bring forward questions submitted by the audience.

Golden informed the Federal Election Commission that his campaign has raised $1.6 million up until December and has $1.3 million left over.

Brakey is the #1 choice for liberty conservatives in Maine’s 2nd District.

His efforts made Constitutional Carry a reality in Maine in 2015 and he has tackled other issues such as civil asset forfeiture reform and welfare spending reform.

Having Brakey in Congress will help liberty conservative ideas become more popular.

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