Facebook Takes Down Polish Right-Wing Party’s Facebook Page for Violating Wuhan Virus and “Hate Speech” Policies

On January 5, 2022, Facebook took down the account of the populist right -wing Konfederacja (Confederation) party for allegedly violating posting standards during the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Konfederacja’s Facebook account has roughly 670,000 followers. According to SBS News, this follower count is higher than Poland’s two principal parties, the Law and Justice (PiS) party and the opposing Civic Platform (KO) party.

“We believe in giving people a voice, but we also want to keep everyone using Facebook safe,” a spokesperson for Facebook owner Meta declared in a statement.

“We have removed Konfederacja’s Facebook page for repeatedly posting content that breaks our Community standards, specifically our COVID-19 harmful misinformation and hate speech policies,” the spokesperson commented.

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Party leader Krzysztof Bosak described the move as “absurd” and recounted that the party did not receive any justification for the take down. 

This party was founded in 2018 and currently has 11 members in the Polish Sejm (Parliament).

Konfederacja’s Facebook page published several claims connected to the Wuhan virus pandemic. Janusz Cieszynski, the Secretary of State for Cyber Security at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland, stated “different views” should be allowed to exist online.

Cieszynski said he agreed with platforms’ decisions to protect their users from misinformation “but this is quite different from banning a legitimate political party that does not publish such content.”

Cieszynski tweeted earlier this month, “Facebook blocked the profile of a legal political party in Poland. This is not ok in a modern democracy, regardless of ones political views. We have to unite against political meddling by VLOPs with elections in several EU countries coming soon. @Meta – who is getting banned next?

Konfederacja is one of the more outspoken right wing populist parties in Europe. It has formed a coalition with the likes of right-libertarian politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke. Individuals like Korwin-Mikke are outspoken in their support of traditional values and restricting immigration.

The Konfederacja party can also be relied on to stand against Wuhan virus tyranny. That angers the powers that be in Big Tech who want to subject the entire West, from the U.S. all the way to Poland, to political correctness and multiculturalism. 

The ruling PiS party is already facing a two minutes hate campaign from the EU and the American NGO industrial complex for the grievous crime of standing for national sovereignty and traditional values. So anything to the Right of the PiS will see itself heavily cracked down on.

Poland will have to rein in Big Tech if it wants to maintain its sovereignty and not get completely swallowed up by globalist forces.