Family Members of Slain Mexican Cartel Chief Escaped to Texas and Were Apprehended by Border Patrol Agents

Family members of a dead Gulf Cartel chieftain flocked to Texas after escaping an assassination attempt in Mexico earlier this month.

The family relatives illegally entered the country by going through Texas where they were caught by US Border Patrol agents. The agents treated five of their members for gunshot wounds.

This case occurred in early October when US Border Patrol agents encountered a group of 11 migrants in Hidalgo, Texas. 

Once the Border Patrol agents encountered the migrants, they noticed that the migrants were wounded by gunshots. The migrants sustained those wounds back in Mexico, and the federal agents along with medical personnel immediately treated these migrants’ wounds and moved them to a hospital.

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The US Border Patrol has not identified the victims or provided additional updates thus far. 

According to a report by Breitbart Texas, Mexican law enforcement sources confirmed the five victims were allegedly shot by Gulf Cartel gunmen in an internal vendetta. The victims are allegedly related to Zernon Guadalupe “El Pezon” Ruiz Ortegon, a chieftain of the Gulf Cartel who spearheaded a revolt within the Metros faction of the cartel. Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby of Breitbart News, reported that the cartel’s internal revolt “led to large scale shootouts in the area known as ‘La Riberena.’” 

The factional infighting concluded in September after Ruiz was killed. Breitbart Texas was able to get in touch with law enforcement sources in the state of Tamaulipas who revealed that the Metros are targeting associates and relatives of Ruiz across the city of Reynosa. Gunmen were reported to have opened fire on and set fire to buildings allegedly owned by the late cartel boss. 

Cartel feuds and other violent episodes associated with organized crime will soon become the norm in the US if America doesn’t beef up its border security. With talks of defunding the police and the overall gutting of law enforcement taking place nationwide, cartels will be enthused at the prospects of bringing their violent activity to the US. 

America could potentially see its border and adjacent metro areas plagued by Third World style cartel violence if the country doesn’t get serious about law enforcement and border security measures that protect the nation from some of the most dangerous aspects of Third World countries.

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