Flashback: Ron Paul Explains Why Bill Clinton Should Have Been Impeached

The Senate impeach trial is the talk of town right now in American politics.

It’s basically a sham that Democrats are pulling to spite Trump. The impeachment drama will ultimately end with the Senate deciding to not impeach Trump because of the Republican majority.

However, current events keep us from reflecting on previous historical events that have particularly relevancy to the present. Many forget that former Congressman Ron Paul was in Congress in the middle of then-President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998.

Paul held a press conference to explain his impeachment vote at time. Lest we forget, Clinton launched several attacks in the Middle East that coincided with the impeachment saga. However, establishment Republicans refused to criticize Clinton’s overreach in foreign affairs. Instead, they focused on the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

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For Paul, this was not as serious as foreign policy interventionism. When questioned about this, Paul stated, “I wish that the congress would address the issue of presidents waging wars, that to me is a lot more serious than Monica Lewinsky, let me tell ya.”

Paul was concerned about the illegal bombings of the Sudan and Afghanistan, which he believed would be a threat to national security further down the line. He said these bombings would likely “start a war. Its likely to get our military men killed. We are likely to have more attacks on us by terrorists because of this.”

Dr. Paul’s comments can be found here.

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