FLASHBACK: Thomas Massie Reminds His Followers About His Opposition to Gargantuan Wuhan Virus Spending Bill

Fiscal conservatism is pretty much dead in the United States. In both chambers of the US Congress, elected officials are religiously devoted to spending like there’s no tomorrow.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie is the sole exception to this trend. He has been a principled voice for fiscal restraint in Congress and has generally been a lone voice against DC’s profligate spending habits.

On March 26, 2022, Massie reminded his followers of his courageous stand against DC’s big spending ways during the Wuhan virus pandemic. Those with short-term memory tend to forget that in the initial stages of the Wuhan virus pandemic the DC political class rammed through a $2 trillion spending package to allegedly fight the Wuhan virus pandemic. The package sent economic aid to working class people and businesses displaced by state governments’ response to fight the pandemic.

Former President Donald Trump signed this spending bill into law on March 27, 2020. The bill received overwhelming support in the House and was passed on a voice vote. However, Massie put forward some resistance to this bill because of how it was passed on a simple voice vote. He insisted that this spending package be voted on through a public roll vote, which was largely ignored by the political class. Massie warned about this bill featuring a bunch of non-germane spending provisions that basically gave handouts to special interest groups. At the time, Massie declared “There’s a big cover up in there.”


Massie was joined by Colorado Congressman Ken Buck in opposing this bill because of its excessive costs that would exacerbate America’s debt problems.

“As President Trump said, we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself,” Buck said at the time.

Massie tweeted on March 26, 2022 reminding his followers of his heroic action from two years ago: “Today is the two year anniversary of the first of a series of spending bills that caused the inflation we suffer today. Thank you @RepKenBuck for standing with me. No other Congressman was willing to stand up and tell Pelosi + Trump they were making a huge mistake that day.”

The Kentucky Congressman is one of the few voices of reason in Congress on matters of spending. Sadly, he’s on an island just like his predecessor, Ron Paul.

Liberty conservatives will need to try to get more liberty conservatives elected in order to help Massie out and ensure that DC’s ruling class gets checked. This is easier said than done though. It will require the construction of robust political networks of candidates and institutions at all levels — local, state, and federal.

To say that liberty conservatives have their work cut out for them would be an understatement.